Terry Van Engen

Terry Van Engen


Terry Van Engen

Terry Van Engen, EVP at Waldo State Bank, is an esteemed member of our local and banking communities. Terry began his banking career at Waldo State Bank in 1993. After 24 years of providing banking services to the Random Lake area, he is excited to return to the Waldo community. Within his 29-year career in the banking industry, Terry has gained a wealth of knowledge that makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Although his expertise is extensive, his dedication to community service is what truly sets him apart.

Terry began his community commitment as an Alderman for the Sheboygan Falls City Council and continues to make a positive impact as the current Council President. In these roles, he has had an impressive 18-year tenure! Terry also takes pride in being a member of the Falls Lion’s Club and serves as the Secretary for Sheboygan Falls School Foundation.

Although he enjoys serving his community, Terry also enjoys various outdoor activities. Whether he’s relaxing at his lakeside cottage, embarking on refreshing hikes, working on landscaping projects, or enjoying a round of golf, Terry’s connection with nature is evident! His love for the outdoors brings balance to his life and fuels his passion for serving the community.

When asked about his favorite aspect of Waldo State Bank, Terry’s eyes lit up with enthusiasm. He appreciates that WSB goes beyond the mere claim of being a “community bank” and their dedication to providing premier banking services while actively engaging their employees within the community.

Reflecting on his personal journey, Terry shares valuable financial advice he would give to his younger self. He emphasizes the importance of hard work, never taking anything for granted, and steering clear of "get-rich-quick schemes”. His sensible approach and awareness of the unclear nature of such schemes serve as a guiding light for others.

Terry's warm demeanor, extensive community involvement, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional financial services make him an important part of our Waldo State Bank family. His genuine passion for the community and dedication to making a positive impact will contribute to our continued success.

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