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National Data Privacy Day

National Data Privacy Day

Today, January 28, is National Data Privacy Day. We at Waldo State Bank care about your privacy not only today but every day. Locally, we have seen an increase of scams that appear to be legitimate texts from your banks fraud department. It is important to know that if you receive a call from our fraud department, they will never ask for personal identifying information, including debit card numbers or pins. They may ask you to verify information pertaining to an individual purchase, but never for personal information.

If you receive a fraud inquiry asking for personal information, you should immediately terminate the call nor respond to a text. Contact the bank directly to report the incident. We will review with you the incident and determine the best steps to take to protect your identity, debit cards, and accounts with Waldo State Bank.

Here is a link to information for National Data Privace Day that is helpful to protect your data. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2021/01/its-national-data-privacy-day

Protecting our seniors and those in Assisted Living Facilities is a key priority to us and many of you as you deal with aging family members. With stimulus payments coming in, the FTC has put together information that you should know to protect your loved ones payments within this link. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2021/01/stimulus-payments-people-not-nursing-homes

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