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The Power of Community in Community Banks

The Power of Community in Community Banks

Throughout April, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA)’s Community Banking Month and the Wisconsin Bankers Association Power of Community Week bring together member banks and associate member companies to celebrate the commitment to the communities they currently serve. Waldo State Bank is joining in on the celebration by giving time, talents, and resources to two very special local causes: The Village of Waldo and the Waldo Fire Department. We’re cleaning up the Village of Waldo during Power of Community Week, and throughout April, we’re challenging our community to a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest to support the Waldo Fire Department. Losses cost $1, and all proceeds and matching funds from us go to the Waldo Fire Department.

The Waldo community is rich with history and passionate individuals who love their community. As a Community Bank, we want to continue the traditions and enrich our surrounding community with our time, talents, and resources.

As a community bank…

We work with our customers to financially support their dreams. We provide lending options financially supporting buying and building homes, purchasing vehicles, help the agriculture business, and students who need extra funds for the school. This is all done locally with personalized financial solutions. We get to know our community and its people to form a trust that exceeds their financial needs.

We work with local establishments to manage and grow their businesses. They hire local workers to do the work and invest in their employees who spend their money locally. This past year has been the toughest for small businesses; we were, and are, more than willing, to help those small businesses with the Paycheck Protection Program. At the completion of the first round, we were able to process 72 loans saving approximately 398 jobs within our local area. During this second round, we’ve processed over 35 loans. We continue to highlight and support these small businesses as they fulfill their dreams of owning and running their business.

We make a difference by investing our time, talents, and resources in community organizations like Project Angel Hugs, the Plymouth Historical Society, and Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Throughout the year, we choose to support organizations such as these that have positively impacted our community and seek help to further their mission.

This month, consider extending a hand and helping our Village Clean Up by volunteering your time with us. If you would rather go head-to-head with one of our employees for the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament, stop into our bank!

At Waldo State Bank, community banking is who we are. Our local establishments and members are what makes our team members passionate to come to work every day. Learn more about our team and our community on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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