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Waldo State Bank Promotions

Waldo State Bank is more than a financial institution. We're a family that grows with our community! We are committed to nurturing an environment that not only focuses on the growth of our customers but also on the professional development and success of our team members. We're thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated team members who are stepping into new roles at WSB.

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the dynamic landscape of the financial industry, we're excited to spotlight the achievement of some exceptional team members who have embraced new roles within Waldo State Bank.

Karla Kaseno – VP Compliance – Change is inevitable in our industry, and moving to Waldo State Bank has allowed me to experience that. As VP of Compliance, I have spread my wings to learn more about the bank's Regulations, Policies, and Procedures. Each day is a new learning experience that I can share with a wonderful group of team members to provide the best service to our customers.

Brian Passehl – Senior Vice President - "Being part of the team at Waldo State Bank is very rewarding. We're like a family."

Brittany Ramskugler – Deposit Operations Manager - I am very excited to be allowed to assist customers by leading in the training and growth of our front-line staff. I love seeing the imaginary bulb light up when one of my coworkers understands or learns something new. My favorite thing about working for Waldo State Bank is the openness to growth and education. They have an amazing focus on learning opportunities for their staff- whether it is virtual, in the classroom, or observing another employee; I know that I will end the day with more knowledge than I started that will, in the end, benefit our wonderful customers.

Madonna Schneider – VP Operations – In my new role, I look forward to continuing to provide our customers with new technologies and excellent customer service. I would like to thank our customers for choosing Waldo State Bank to serve them.

Sherry Gallagher – Vice President – In our bank, customers and coworkers are like an extended family to me. In this role, I aim to mentor our team to be the best we can be in community banking today and into the future to provide the best services for our customers.

Shannon Grunewald – AVP Loan Operations - When you don't see me at the bank, you will find me up north with my husband at our four seasons cabin. We love spending as much time as possible on our UTV trail riding & seeing the waterfalls. Our two dogs also love to explore with us. My favorite part of working at Waldo State Bank is knowing that when I grow and learn, the team that surrounds me grows & learns with the knowledge I gave them. I like to think that anything can be accomplished with the right people around you. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life (Confucius). Random Fun Fact – It's a known fact throughout the bank that I have an obsession with various pens.

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