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Yes, We Can! The Strengths of Community Banking

Yes, We Can! The Strengths of Community Banking

Although Waldo State Bank (WSB) is smaller than national banks, we offer the same services and more! We appreciate our customers choosing us as their bank and trusting us to help them achieve their financial goals. 

Please continue reading below to learn about the advantages of banking with WSB and why we stand out from national banks. 

Personalized Services 

Banking services from a community bank are extremely personalized and tailored locally. Large financial institutions may not have products that suit your needs. Small community banks are more flexible and can cater to you individually. 

We may adapt our offerings based on your needs. Our focus is on providing the best possible experience for our customers. In this way, community banking is much more relationship-driven, and we get to know our customers individually. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best financial products to achieve your goals. 

Quicker Lending Decisions

Community banks offer loans similar to national banks, such as personal, auto, commercial, and home loans. We strive to offer our loans with the best service at favorable rates. 

We can work quicker and more equitably because we make all lending decisions internally. At a local bank like WSB, someone who knows you and values your financial well-being handles your loan application. 

As mentioned above, when you work with a community bank like us, you're more than figures on paper. We look at many factors when deciding on loans to help you get the funding you need.

Comparable Deposit Products 

We also offer everything that the major financial institutions do for deposit accounts. This includes:

• Mobile check deposit

• Mobile app to manage your accounts

• Alerts on cards and accounts to help keep your funds secure

• Rewards program to earn on your debit card

• eStatements to help you go paperless

• Instant issue debit cards so you can access your funds instantly 

Our deposit accounts are competitive and offer personalized service. We may not be as well-known as large financial institutions, but our customers love our service. 

We have different account options, similar to those at large financial institutions, to help you save towards your goals:

Personal checking accounts

Savings accounts

Money market investment accounts

Certificates of deposit (CDs)

Roth and Traditional IRA’s

Christmas Club and Vacation Club accounts 

Community Support 

Lastly, community banks like WSB prioritize the community's well-being. We ensure that the bank reinvests the funds you deposit throughout the local area. 

Community bank staff have a firsthand understanding of the local community's financial needs and economic conditions. They ensure that their customers receive exemplary service to enable financial prosperity in the region.

Hard-working local members like you have independently owned and operated Waldo State Bank since 1913. We understand what makes this community special. We strive to improve it by offering personalized financial advice, excellent service, and creative solutions. Our goal is to help our customers succeed. 

Learn more about Waldo State Bank and our personalized banking services.

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