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Highlights from Community Banking Month 2024

Highlights from Community Banking Month 2024
Highlights from Community Banking Month 2024 WSB Plymouth Maple WSB Plymouth Maple WSB Teach Children to Save Day WSB Teach Children to Save Day WSB Lions Club WSB Food Drive WSB Shred Bins

April marks the celebration of Community Banking Month, highlighting the incredible benefits of local banking. 

At Waldo State Bank (WSB), we use this to reinforce our commitment to our customers, from small business owners to first-time home buyers. We understand your financial goals to create a personalized solution for your success, taking the time to listen and comprehend your objectives. Our goal is to help you achieve success through a tailored approach. Keep reading to learn about how we celebrated Community Banking Month and why our customers prefer banking locally. 

How WSB Celebrated Community Banking Month 

April was an eventful month at Waldo State Bank. WSB President Tom Reil and Governor Evers celebrated Community Banking Month on April 6th with Plymouth Maple at the Plymouth City Park. They attended the groundbreaking of the Sugar Shack project, which WSB is proud to be a supporter. 

Waldo State Bank staff also celebrated the Power of Community Week as a part of this month’s festivities. This is an event organized by the Wisconsin Bankers Association, challenging banks in the state to take meaningful action in the communities we serve. 

WSB held a food drive, and the proceeds were donated to Simplify, Inc. to be distributed to those in need. Simplify is a trusted financial resource that aids with executing budgets and establishing financial stability to those in need. As another initiative, WSB is providing free locked shred bins in the lobby from April 15th to 30th for destroying confidential information. Other community events included volunteering at the Cascade Lions Soup-A-Rama and the Waldo Lions Club Pork Chop Dinner, both organizations which also serve our local community. 

Our dedication to serving you, our community, extends beyond transactions; it’s about fostering a thriving community. From impactful initiatives to dedicated volunteering, we’ve shown our commitment and determination to you. This Community Banking Month, we’ve proudly supported local banking and raised awareness about its importance. 

4 Reasons to Bank Locally

We recognize that you have many choices for banking, and we are truly grateful to our customers, who see us as trusted professionals to help them achieve their financial goals. 

We can offer such tailored service because we’re an independently owned bank, meaning we’re uniquely dedicated to the financial well-being of our customers and community. Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy when banking locally. 

Relationship-Based Service 

With community banking, you’re more than just dollar signs on paper. Our staff values fostering an authentic relationship to uncover the right financial solutions for you. 

At WSB, we have the same values as you. We want to understand you and your financial goals. This way, we can provide the best solution for your needs. 

Positive Impact on the Community 

Local banking keeps your funds in the community. Where you choose to save and spend can have a significant impact. 

When you deposit money in a community bank, you are supporting local businesses, neighborhoods, and the community's overall prosperity. This helps to invest in the growth and success of the local economy. Your contribution plays a key role in strengthening the community's financial well-being. 

To learn more about your impact on the community, read our blog “How Banking Local Stimulates Your Local Economy”. 

At Waldo State Bank, we make decisions that benefit our customers and community, not just one month – but every day. 


Local banks operate solely in your community, ensuring there is always a nearby location. And while we have a brick-and-mortar location, we also provide the convenience of national banks with the technology for you to be able to bank with us from wherever you call home. 

WSB is reliable and convenient, as our unique ownership structure allows us to make quick lending decisions, ensuring you can access the funds you need when you need them. 

Wide Range of Services 

Community banks focus on local customers but still provide competitive financial products and rates similar to national banks. From personal banking solutions like checking and savings accounts to robust business banking services, loans, and investments, we’re here for you in any way you need. 

Reach out to learn more about Waldo State Bank and our personalized banking services

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